24. August 2021
Cleaning up a stigma.
In a special report, former EVENTS journalist Taylor Edgar looks at the impact of Covid-19 on the cleaning industry.
29. October 2020
CleanSquad offers COVID Secure enhanced sanitising programmes for household and offices to reduce the risk of contamination or to sanitise premises after a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case.
25. May 2020
Co-Cleaning is combining your current cleaning arrangement with CleanSquad's expertise, resources and services, enabling you to achieve best practices of the cleaning industry.
20. May 2020
I expect an increase in demand for professional cleaning services from a dependable company like CleanSquad, which will translate in more jobs at a time where many have lost their job. The coronavirus crisis is creating problems but is also creating opportunities.
14. May 2020
CleanSquad has the cleaning expertise you need to keep your workplace COVID-Secure. For our customers, we want to be the voice of reason with regards to enhancing their cleaning strategy as part of the COVID-Secure programme rolled out by the Government. The cleaning solutions we will come up with have to be practical and affordable to be sustainable. I'm 99.999% sure we can do this.
23. April 2020
Karin online to learn best value techniques for infection prevention, as well as how to prevent a breakout from occurring and spreading.
22. April 2020
Cleaning during lockdown
06. April 2020
CleanSquad offers cleaning and additional enhanced sanitising services for household and office areas.
05. November 2019
A few more weeks and that will be the last clean ironed laundry batch leaving the yard. We are in the process of introducing our loyal and dedicated customers to other laundry providers. Respecting what our customers mean to us, we do everything to make this a smooth transition. Karin, the owner of CleanSquad, started the laundry business in 2008, in a shed in her garden. Key companies like CalMac, QinetiQ and Lews Castle are amongst the customers she was able to acquire. Many self-catering...
18. March 2019
Launching our new laundry campaign "We will breeze through your laundry"

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