Cleaning during lockdown

Cleaning during lockdown

Since the lockdown, your home has become the place of everything. It is a home, a school, an office, a nursery, a gym...and probably a mess and stressful.

Even though it seems you have a lot more time to clean your house, with everything and everyone being 'locked' into it, it will be challenging to stay on top of it all. 

I would advise being kind to yourself and not think about taking on any major cleaning projects right now. 

What is a good idea saving time is to clean or wash up everything immediately after use. Don't let anything pile up. 

Same for your laundry, as soon as you have enough items for a machine, wash it, dry it (with the weather like it is, dry it outside!!) and fold it away. Clean linen is the best and makes everyone happy.

Prioritise giving the bathroom a wipe every other day as it will be more used than usual and wipe down all the high-contact touch-points like doorknobs, and areas around it. Only do spot hoover of places where you see crumbs. 

Just do enough but don't do any detailed work.

You can use regular household detergent for it. 

With more people in the house there are also more hands to help with keeping it clean. Each can take on a wee task daily to clean. May not get the popular vote, but if you encourage each other it is all done in a short time. 

It is a challenging time for all of us and if we keep supporting each other in our homes as well as in the community, we should get through this.

Stay Well. Stay Safe.