CleanSquad is a collective of part-time and full-time cleaners who together form a formidable and also very adaptable cleaning force.


Together they have build up decades of cleaning experience in the Outer Hebrides serving households, commercial clients and the public sector.


Heading up the squad is Amsterdam born Karin Schouten. She came to the isles in 1999. She started doing some cleaning work in her community about 15 years ago to have something to do when her two boys were at school. 


“I love cleaning and finding out new and better ways of cleaning a kitchen or bathroom, windows but also on a bigger scale like machines for office cleaning, using steam and my latest investment a fogging machine for decontamination.”


A lot has changed since the early days when Karin started on her own. 

Soon after she started, she had to ask a friend to help out because more households asked for help with keeping their home clean, having busy working lives. 


At that time the first commercial client, which is still a key customer today, approached CleanSquad with a request to outsource part of their cleaning service to CleanSquad so that they could focus on their core business.


This outsource team became the cornerstone of CleanSquad’s new commercial cleaning department. “We owe a lot to BASF and our dedicated cleaning operatives who are an integral part of BASF’s successful operation in Callanish.”

Today, CleanSquad operates with more than 25 cleaners working throughout the Outer Hebrides.


“We have clients in the finance industry, media sector, production plants, hospitality, contractors, landlords, private and public sector and utility sector. Each has its specific requirements, and we design bespoke cleaning solutions for each of them.”


CleanSquad’s operating model can quickly flex its resources to suit any need.


CleanSquad is a corporate member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. It is to reflect its professional status in the cleaning industry. 


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become imperative to work according to official guidelines with regards to cleaning and sanitising. BICSs is internationally recognised and one of the largest industry membership organisation. This membership gives access to accredited training and a fast-growing network of like-minded people.


“COVID-19 has changed the way we think about cleanliness and hygiene. We will be offering enhanced cleaning and sanitation programmes and keep in touch with the latest developments in cleaning and sanitising technology. A home and workplace have to be a clean and safe space to live and work. Only then you will be able to feel happy and protected.”