With the coronavirus outbreak effecting us all, CleanSquad has taken special measures to help reduce the risk of passing the virus to other people. We offer special sanitising services for households and commercial areas.


We continue our work providing service to keyworkers and essential services. In everything we do, we take great care of you, your, and our colleague's health and safety. All work is done according to the government and WHO guidelines.


Stay safe.

Cleaning Services

A clean home and workplace helps protect our health and supports our well-being. 


Clean helps people keeping fit and well, avoiding common illnesses and minimising symptoms of people with allergies. 


Clean is ecstatically pleasing and brings pleasure and pride to homes and workplaces.


Cleaning your home or workplace can be a satisfying thing to do, but it can also be a chore, a burden. 


CleanSquad gives you the choice of handing over these chores to us so we can bring you a clean house to come home to and a tidy workplace. You will have all the benefits to your health and well-being without having to put in all the work.

Sanitising Services

CleanSquad offers cleaning and additional enhanced sanitising services for household and office areas. After cleaning, we use WHO-recommended alcohol based disinfectant to sanitise, which helps to reduce the risk of passing the infection to other people. We follow the public health advice principles and guidelines.

Office, workplace sanitising.



Household sanitising.

Household Cleaning

Based on your requirements we will agree on a cleaning schedule that suits your needs and budget. 


Our dedicated cleaning operatives will use effective cleaning methods to deliver the service within the set time and to the required standards. 


Our quality assurance programme will ensure consistent and efficient delivery of your services. 


Domestic cleaning was the start of CleanSquad in 2008.  With 1000s of hours of home cleaning experience, we have become the experts in this area.   

Workplace, Office Cleaning

The statistic will show that workplace hygiene will decrease absence and increase productivity. Make a clean a tidy workplace part of your company’s culture. It helps to create and maintain a happy workforce. 


The same is true for when you own a shop. Your customers will appreciate a clean and tidy presentation of goods and service.  They will stay longer in your shop which may lead to them purchasing more products. 


More and more commercial companies trust CleanSquad with delivering their comprehensive hygiene solution. Our three account managers have over 25  years of experience in designing effective cleaning programmes. Each solution is bespoke and controlled by a quality assurance programme to guarantee the required results.