Laundry Closure Announcement

A few more weeks and that will be the last clean ironed laundry batch leaving the yard. 


We are in the process of introducing our loyal and dedicated customers to other laundry providers. Respecting what our customers mean to us, we do everything to make this a smooth transition. 


Karin, the owner of CleanSquad, started the laundry business in 2008, in a shed in her garden. Key companies like CalMac, QinetiQ and Lews Castle are amongst the customers she was able to acquire. Many self-catering owners throughout the Outer Hebrides use on the dependable laundry service. 


Great to see new laundry businesses spinning off on the back of the announcement of the closure. There is a growing need for laundry services in the Outer Hebrides. Many opportunities for the new ventures to make it a success.


So, why did CleanSquad decided to close their laundry business?  


The laundry business was profitable, and CleanSquad had a great core team of laundry operatives who processed more than 1500 kgs of linen a week to a high standard with consistent quality.


The management team behind the CleanSquad has become a bit of a victim of its success. 


CleanSquad has been a good learning ground for the team to hone their business development skills with the help of many customers. 


Last year the popular but labour intense self-catering change-over service was put on hold as the management team could no longer balance demand with the resources required. 


A new self-catering model was required; however, part of the management team had started a new joint venture in the tourism sector with HebHolidays Ltd under the award-winning brand: HebShuttle. 


Meanwhile, the commercial cleaning customer base was growing, requiring more of the management time to ensure all quality assurance processes are implemented and executed. 


Increasing the management team has its challenges as well as the cost of overhead. It was decided not to change the winning team.


Too many spinning plates were causing an unsustainable workload for the team and increased the risk of damaging the reputation of our dependable service.


After careful deliberation, it was decided to let the laundry part of the business move on to new owners. This decision allows one part of the team to focus on commercial cleaning and continue to grow that sector and the other half in the tourism sector. 


"I will miss seeing clean linen leaving the yard. I love that service. We had a great time with it." Karin concludes. "Our commercial cleaning customers deserve our undivided attention if we want to remain ahead of the game."