Essential Hygiene Solutions

People's wellbeing is helped by a clean home, workplace, bedlinen, workwear and clothing. 


Cleaning your home or workplace and doing the laundry yourself can be a satisfying thing to do, but it can also be a chore, a burden. 


CleanSquad gives you the choice of handing over these chores to us so we can bring you a clean house to come home to, a tidy workplace and fresh linen. You will have all the benefits to your health and well-being without having to put in all the work.

Based on your requirements we will agree on a cleaning schedule that suits your needs and budget. 


Our dedicated cleaning operatives will use effective cleaning methods to deliver the service within the set time and to the required standards. 


Our quality assurance programme will ensure consistent and efficient delivery of your services. 


We will have a solution for every requirement.