Expanding our Laundry Business

Did you know that we turn over more than 50 tonnes of laundry a year? And did you know that we will be further expanding our laundry over the coming winter?


What started as some paid hand ironing now 10 years ago for a few elderly people in the community, has developed into a laundry company employing 6-8 people. Today we still have domestic customers and deliver hand ironing service but also have large commercial companies,  hotels and self catering customers.


Our linen needs to have the right finish as it is for 5 star accommodation owners. For this we use commercial roller irons. Our staff is very experienced in getting the best out of the machines.


It shows because more and more customers find their way to our laundry. The benefits of outsourcing your laundry are well known.


Our domestic customers love the fact that they just drop off the laundry, tell us when they would like to pick it up and that is it. When they collect their clean linen and clothing they put it away in the cupboard job done. The pleasure of taking a new fresh shirt or dress and put it on without the hours of work and costs is the best. Often we hear "I should have come to you sooner!". 


Recently a new commercial company has started operation in Stornoway and they approached us for a solution for laundering their garments.They operate in the food processing industry which requires specific laundry procedures and we worked out a solution specifically for them. This is what we enjoy doing. After 10 years now we know a lot about laundry but we are still learning every day. 


Also the laundry technology keeps developing and we want to stay up to date with that.


With the increase in domestics and commercial laundry we have to look at expanding our operation. During this winter we will be visiting a laundry company on the mainland to learn from their experiences and use of equipment. We are not only interested in the throughput capacity of the equipment but also in the finishing quality. We are looking for this professional finish and offer this to our customers of which a large part are hospitality businesses.


Their customer want to have this great first impression when they see their beds made up with clean, fresh and crisps pillow cases, duvet covers and sheets. But we want exactly the same for our domestic customers at no extra charge. 


Now the equipment can be as good as you like, but it doesn't do anything without the expertise of our staff. We are so proud of them. Hardworking and dedicated turning over huge amounts of laundry day in day out maintaining the best quality standards possible.


Next year we will be increasing our service levels for the self catering business which may include collection and drop off services at the accommodations so no more week on week laundry chore headaches. This will push us over the 55 tonnes of laundry per year. How amazing is that?


Just talking with Karin about the good old days 10 years ago and she says she had never ever thought she would have a laundry like this today. One thing remains nothing can beat the smell and feel of fresh and clean laundry.


Making clean linen look great requires passion and determination. That, Karin and her team, have in abundance.